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Do you want something no one else has? Do you want to give a gift that can be appreciated (by shooting it repeatedly) for many years?

Let us know what your dreams are and we will put them in steel. Our ar500 steel plate is customizable to nearly any shape or silhouette. Have a plate made in the shape of your Ex, or buy your wife one with your silhouette in case she needs to blow off some steam (and keeps her from shooting at you).

The benefit of being a small company is that we can customize our product to fit your need. If your club or range needs targets for a specific purpose, let us know and we can provide you with high quality ar500 targets for less than the big boys. 

Ordering is easy and we guarantee you will be pleased with the results because it was your idea in the first place. 

For our long distance shooters who want more surface area for shooting at those insane distances we can cut gong targets to any size. 

For the holidays cut ringers for playing your own brand of Jingle bells.

If you can dream it we will cut it. Although you should stay away from fine detailed shapes because they tend to be pretty weak.

Feel like creating something new? Give us a call and lets make something worth having. Our quality is top notch and your idea is worth trying out. 

All custom shapes will be cut from the same 3/8 thickness ar500 steel that our production targets are made of so we can stand behind the durable and longevity of the custom target you have in mind. Our goal is your satisfaction and here at Bangplates we are more than willing to fulfill your dreams with a BANG.


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