Proper mounting of your Bangplate is essential both to your safety and the prolonged enjoyment of the product. By following these simple instructions you can help to ensure that you enjoy the benefits of your Bangplate for years to come.

Items you will need:

  • Grade 8 Carriage bolts at least 2″ long and a minimum of 3/8 diameter to allow for mounting of chain (Enough to fill all the holes in your plates)
  • Grade 8 Chain – cut to length for your preferred target height
  • Grade 8 Nuts and washers to attach your bolts to all the things…..

Once you have gathered all the necessary items, you can then feed the bolts through the holes on your plate so that the rounded head of the bolt faces the strike surface. Once that is complete place the washers over the shank of the bolt so that they sit flat against the rear face of the plate. Then place on the chain with the link going over the shank of the bolt and follow that with another washer. Then thread the nut onto the shank of the bolt and hand tighten. Once the plate is mounted have someone hold it so that the plate is hanging on the chain without any other support. This ensures that it will be level on all mounting points, with the plate suspended you can then tighten the nut securely against the washer. 

Following these steps will help tremendously with keeping your Bangplate in top condition, and fully utilizes the thick neck design. The carriage bolts rounded head provides a much more durable surface should a round impact directly on the mounting surface. 

Your plate can be hung from many different frames. However it is important to remember that the structure you choose to put it on should be as durable as possible to help keep the plate in place during firing. It isn’t uncommon for our Bangplates to outlast the frames they are hung on. So get out there and bang some plates.