Rust happens, especially to Ar500 steel targets, they get beat violently, they’re outside in the rain, and steel doesn’t like those things. So instead of just throwing up your hands in defeat take a minute and read up on how to keep your steel targets lookin’ snazzy. 

If you’re in a hurry and just want to keep the rust at bay there are some simple tools that you can use to keep your plates looking their best : 1) Wire Brush 2) Vegetable Oil. Rust comes off quick and the oil is cheap and easily keeps the rust at bay.

OK, Now you’re on a mission! If you want to refinish your Bang Plate, then there are a few finishes that work well with AR500 steel. 

Cleaned AR500 Target

Here’s what a couple minutes with a wire brush and oxphoblue can do to a steel target

  • Powder Coating – Long lasting, Not Cheap
  • Rustoleum Paint,  The go-to, keep a can at the range and touch up your gongs between shoots
  • Bluing – Old school meets AR500…. Oxphoblue makes them look nice and dark, and it holds oil well
  • Go Naked – Shoot em’ hard, and keep on going…. If you live in an arid climate going commando may work for you! 

Keep in mind if you refinish a plate, it’s gonna wear off, usually waaaay faster than you’d expect. Our steel is made to stop bullets, paint or powder coating?…. Not so much. 

Bang it Long and Bang it Hard !!