There are many reasons why shooting steel has more benefit than shooting paper. Now we all know the feeling of walking up on a standard paper or cardboard target and feeling the satisfaction of seeing a good set of holes in center of mass. But which ones caused which holes? The first one? Second one? Last one? Its tough to tell. And your brain is working against you as well.


It comes down to the way our brains retain information. Once we see the reactive target move or hear the round impact our brain is building and reinforcing neural pathways that help our muscles and nerves retain exactly the impulses it took to create that result. Essentially it causes the SUCCESS reaction in your brain and builds that new skill more quickly.


Your steel targets will be shipped unfinished and unpainted, sometimes surface oxidation (rust) will be visible. By not painting or finishing the Bang Plates we can keep our cost over 25% lower, and then pass those savings directly to you.  We DO take the time to wipe every ar500 target with rem-oil and then wrap them in plastic to maintain the best possible finish for you. When you receive your plates we recommend that you paint them before you put them downrange to help ensure the longevity of your target.

Pro Tip: Long range shooters should use white or other light color paint to allow for maximum visibility at distance.

We ship all orders via USPS flat rate when available, this again is done to save you money. Large plates and custom orders will be shipped via UPS or Freight as needed. If you would like to make a large order please contact us and we will work to get you the best pricing on plates and shipping.

AR500 is a special, abrasion resistant, alloy of steel that has been heat treated to over 500 on the Brinell Hardness Scale. This makes the steel very hard and resistant to cracks and dents. This material is most often used on armored vehicles and heavy duty mining equipment. 

The added hardness and abrasion resistance of ar500 means when you shoot it the bullet the bullet deforms very quickly, and loses it’s energy without penetrating the target. 

As long as you follow the minimum range guidelines and avoid AP or Steel core ammunition our AR500 plates can last for years. Occasionally oil or repaint your target to stave off rust and remember to switch sides of the target if you start to notice a lot of dings or cupping. 

Ricochets do happen however to reduce the chance of getting hurt while shooting your awesome steel targets follow these steps: 

  1. Always ensure you’re out of ricochet range, 20 yards for handguns, and 100 for centerfire rifle cartridges or 220 for high velocity magnum rounds.
  2. Use chain to hang your gongs, the plate will swing helping guide bullet fragments down into the ground instead of back towards you.
  3. Don’t shoot a heavily dented ar500 Target, deep cratering creates angles that can send ricochets everywhere. 
  4. If you static mount your target ensure it’s angled at a minimum of 15-20 degrees so the spall is directed down and away from any potentially valuable items.
  5. Don’t Be Dumb, Shooting Armor Piercing or Steel Core Ammo at minimum ranges can not only damage your gong but hurt you. 
  6. If all else fails, move further back, distance is the ultimate prevention for bounce backs.

The answer is dependant on many things, but with a centerfire rifle you should be able to hear an impact at 400+ yards on a 10″ AR500 gong on a reasonably quiet day. 

Targets that are smaller will usually have a quieter report, however we pride ourselves on putting enough BANG in all our plates to satisfy our customers.

Unfortunately no, if you wanna play the Armor Piercing game, please expect to pay for your next Bangplate. This also covers leaving it in a snowbank all winter, failed welding attempts, and 50 bmg on a 3/8 plate types of damage. 

No, Sorry but when you checked out you clicked a box agreeing to follow the minimum range, ammunition, caliber guidelines, and a general no shenanigans policy. We love you guys but safety third folks.

Stay safe and bang away!


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