I’ve put holes in a lot of things….

Tanks, buildings, various vehicles, paper targets, and its all a good time. But once the hole is in there it kinda just stays there….

Steel targets are different like that (to a point) and that’s why I like using them. I get to shoot as much as I want and never have to walk back downrange (dodging bullets and curse words) to put up new targets. Plus who needs all that extra walking, I get all the steps I need in walking to the fridge for more scotch and bacon.

If I reeeeally need to know where I hit the plate just throw a coat of my favorite deodorant (rust o leum ) and away I go. No paper cuts, no jammed staple gun and no fuss over my poor paper targets going all flacid on me in the middle of a good shoot because of a little precipitation.

Bangplates are hard, like really hard, like don’t drop this on your foot because you wanna keep your toes, hard….. and it’s this hardness that makes for a great target. Shoot it with anything less than a .338 Lapua Magnum and they just kinda chuckle and vibrate a little. Sure you could break them with a .50 BMG but that’s not saying much. .50 will go through your house like it’s made of cheese.

So take this for what its worth, Bangplates kick major ass, and we aren’t afraid to put our targets where our mouths are, unless you mean for real because that would be stupid.

Buy a target, mount it to something heavy and go shoot the hell out of it. It’s tough to have a better time for the money, and goodness knows we could all use a little more of that.

Spend more money on ammo and less on pansy ass paper targets.

But I could be wrong, what do you think?